Embrace Change!

Change of season is a great time for altering our hairstyle/colour. Anything from a small tweek to a full restyle, it’s all fun and keeps us loving our hair!

 Trends tend to  move towards warmer tones in the autumn, and we have all the best products for achieving this in a vibrant, non-toxic and lasting way. But what about those that suit the cool tones? Our colour range is a rich cool base, this means we can also achieve shiny neutral to cool;  deep blonde, caramel or chocolate tones, to give your hair a look to fit the season in a way that suits you best.

As incentive to make a change, every Friday until the end of April, with any full colour, foils or creative colour (balayage etc..) we are offering all clients 25% off their haircut,  or a full blowdry style at no charge.

 With the change of season we often see wetter weather and an increase of frizzy hair, so we are also offering 25% off our Kerasilk Treatments until the end of April.  This is a non-toxic and customizable Keratin smoothing treatment that reduces curl, eliminates close to 100% of the frizz from even the most rebellious hair, increases drying time by 25% and humidity protects hair for a minimum of 5 months.

Both of these fantastic deals are available with Melissa, Janelle or Lisa

(check out their bios on our about us page).  *T&C apply 

Embrace change and call us today for a complimentary consultation or appointment.