Happy Birthday H2O!

April 1st was our 7th birthday and clients enjoyed delicious Ultimate Choc cake all day, thanks to NW bakery. This marks a new cycle for the salon for which we have some good news and some not so good news …

Good news:

  • A big congratulations to Rosa for passing her qualifications exam! She is now a fully qualified stylist and we are happy to say she will be staying on at H2O Hair in this new role. And thank you to our lovely clients who supported her with services and encouragement throughout this process, she couldn’t have succeeded without it. Rosa performs all services, and is particularly fond of up-styling, creative colour and curly hair. She is also great with children, and offers fantastic pricing as she gains experience and builds her clientele.
  • We now have the product (a very special clay lightener) and the expertise to create the beautiful and long lasting Balayage and Ombre colour effects we are seeing everywhere in print and on television.
    • Note: because of the varying technical factors that affect timing and pricing, these services require a complimentary consultation prior to booking.

Not so good news:

  • Due to rising costs in all areas, H2O has slightly raised prices as of April 1st, 2017. A full list of our new prices will be available on our services menu. We really appreciate your patronage and encourage you to speak to us if this presents a problem. Existing clients will receive their first service after the 1st of April at the old price as we roll in the new ones.