Happy Holidays!

All of us at H2O Hair wish you the very best for the holiday season and the year to come!

We will be enjoying the holidays with the salon closed from Christmas Eve through to Jan 5th. Appointments can be made through the online booking button. When choosing a service, the first available stylist is the default, but you can choose a specific stylist by clicking the first available button for a list of stylists (tab below your selected service). We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Gaila, Lisa, Mel, Janelle & Claire

Exciting news!

We are pleased to announce that at Level 1 magazines are out (please use hand sanitiser first) and we can offer organic teas, raglan roast coffee, chia sisters juice and filtered h2o again!

Also, to provide a more reliable booking service we have changed our booking software to Ovatu.  During the roll over there may be a few glitches but with your help (let us know if you have any issues) we will get it sorted.

Visiting the salon at Level 2

We will be follow Ministry of Heath Level 2 guidelines and ask that you:

  • When entering the salon for an appointment use hand sanitiser available at each entrance or wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and dry thoroughly (located at back of salon)
  • All Visitors without a scheduled appointment must sign the register
  • Maintain 2 metre distance between yourself and everyone else except your stylist (1 metre when needed)
  • Cancel your appointment if you are feeling unwell or having symptoms of covid-19 or cold/flu or have come in to contact with anyone that may have put you at risk
  • Use PPE if possible; bring your own or purchase masks and/or gloves for $2

We will be diligent with sanitization, hand washing and minimalizing contact and using PPE (personal protection equipment)


Greetings from lockdown! All the H2O crew are doing well and hope you are too. It’s looking like we still have a few more weeks at home, but won’t know for sure until the May 11th announcement.

If you do not have enough hair product to see you through Level 3, you can place an order and collect it from us following the contactless collection regulations. (See below on how to do this)

If you need to cut your fringe, some professional tips are: cut a only little bit at a time (you can always cut more), nail scissors or any fine blade are good and if dull try to use tips to snip, beard/bikini trimmers work well for a blunter edge and can be used on any angle against the hair (diagonal works well to push the hair in a direction as “short hair pushes the longer hair”).

If you had an appointment with us during the shutdown period, please be patient and we will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule those appointments. Any existing appointments after June 1st will be kept as is, unless we hear from you otherwise. After we have rescheduled the missed appointments we will open up the online booking software.

On that note, we are excited to announce we are changing our booking software from Mindbody to Ovatu. The software has a great reputation in NZ and will help us to provide better service. A few of Ovatu’s great features are: reliable txt or email reminders with calendar syncing, the ability to book and reschedule your own appointments easily online, and receive last minute deals on your phone/computer or view on the booking site.

To order product just send us an email to h2ohairsalonnz@gmail.com with your order by name/description or photo of product and we will get back to you within 24hrs with a contactless collection time.

If you need a recommendation for product send a photo of your hair with a brief description of what your hair is needing, eg. moisture, softness, shine, strength, elasticity, etc. plus whether you have any allergies/intolerances on skin or to fragrances and what sort of products have or have not worked in the past. The more information you can give the better chance we have of a successful match, as all sales are final, and we will not be able to take product returns at this time.

Take care, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Covid-19 Update

Dear valued clients, we will be closed as of Wednesday, March 25 2020 until Level 4 status changes, or further notice. We hope that you stay well, and that we will see you again soon.

Kindest regards, Gaila, Lisa, Janelle, Mel, and Claire.

Embrace Change!

Change of season is a great time for altering our hairstyle/colour. Anything from a small tweek to a full restyle, it’s all fun and keeps us loving our hair!

 Trends tend to  move towards warmer tones in the autumn, and we have all the best products for achieving this in a vibrant, non-toxic and lasting way. But what about those that suit the cool tones? Our colour range is a rich cool base, this means we can also achieve shiny neutral to cool;  deep blonde, caramel or chocolate tones, to give your hair a look to fit the season in a way that suits you best.

As incentive to make a change, every Friday until the end of April, with any full colour, foils or creative colour (balayage etc..) we are offering all clients 25% off their haircut,  or a full blowdry style at no charge.

 With the change of season we often see wetter weather and an increase of frizzy hair, so we are also offering 25% off our Kerasilk Treatments until the end of April.  This is a non-toxic and customizable Keratin smoothing treatment that reduces curl, eliminates close to 100% of the frizz from even the most rebellious hair, increases drying time by 25% and humidity protects hair for a minimum of 5 months.

Both of these fantastic deals are available with Melissa, Janelle or Lisa

(check out their bios on our about us page).  *T&C apply 

Embrace change and call us today for a complimentary consultation or appointment.