Tired of frizzy, dull, uncontrollable hair?

Introducing Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment, an exciting new non-toxic condition and shine service which leaves hair lustrous, smooth and virtually frizz-free for up to 3-4 months. For all of March we’re offering this treatment at 25% off, which includes a 355ml bottle of Chi Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner to achieve and maintain optimal results.

What is the regular cost of this service?  It varies with hair length and density, starting at $200 for short hair and up to $450 for long, thick hair. $80 worth of shampoo and conditioner is included in the price. For an exact quote, please book a free consultation.

How much time should I allow for this service?  1½ to 2½ hours depending upon hair length and density.

Will this product straighten out my curls?  No, Chi Enviro is a smoothing treatment only. Some of the curl may be relaxed up to a few weeks, but the hair will retain its natural texture minus 95% of the frizz for up to 3-4 months.

Do I have to treat my hair with special care after the service?  You will need to wait 24 hours before shampooing, and during this time your hair will feel slightly coated and full of product. After the initial shampoo your hair will be smooth and silky. For one week you will need to avoid rubber bands, clips, and anything that can leave marks in the hair.

What are some of the other benefits?  Drying time can be cut by up to 40%. Whether you like to air dry your hair, use a round brush for volume, or use irons for straightening or curling, Chi Enviro makes it easy to achieve great styling results.

How natural is this product?  Unlike some treatments which may contain formaldehyde or other noxious chemicals, Chi Enviro is made of proteins, amino acids, silk and pearl. It is considered non-toxic, with three formulas for different hair types and conditions.